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:: P.H. D. Thesis ::



 Mr Vahid Vaziri will present his P.H.D thesis on " Productivity improvement educational spaces Approach to the role of beneficiary (student) in the process of organizing the physical environment ) "at 8 A.M on 28 may 2011 under the guidance of Dr.hashem Hashemnezhad.




  Our country is a young country. Large population of children and youth capital for the country are considered to be the production and efficiency to deliver them, along the way by improving training and education spaces takes hold with the default, ie, learning and growth of creative capabilities to shape and nature part of the education of children, allocated space and financial resources and mental age range have the potential for learning, to index.

  Quality of teaching space is a category that could be finished as a process cited. Changing needs, changing priorities, education, change education systems, taking advantage of technology, training teachers and different tastes ,... Among the factors that maintain quality educational spaces at the time of the operation is to remind us.

  In a general definition of modern education is something that one of the most consistent threads that clarify the role of scientific knowledge through education of children, taking advantage of this knowledge in making available whatever he needs to be reminded. Selected for the purpose of this research project: identifying their needs for space in which children are living, optimum space defined for them and prioritize their demands in a process of change management is smart.

  Change management training priority areas to maintain and improve beneficiary satisfaction and quality of education (improving efficiency) at this research is important. In the process of achieving this vision has been trying to test methods P. OE And S.F.E. To access the operational demands of the teaching space to be addressed.

  Using statistical analysis to investigate the relationship between student satisfaction and academic success has been to prove this relationship (training success - physical satisfaction) presenting a questionnaire to identify the elements of physical development to provide a more detailed solution changed are paid.

  So try the first step in this research demonstrated the link between satisfaction and participation of users in the process of change management training and success in areas they are teaching; that require their review and how much influence the environment and the person in the process of mutual education, and The second step review and provide a central role EDUCATION space users (students) in determining the time change, evaluation and prioritization of making changes in it is, and the next steps are trying to determine the pattern and be guided in the process assess spatial patterns of change even before the design achieved. Thus, identifying the needs of students and consider them in designing educational spaces can improve academic performance, or better say in the educational development of students is an important role

  This study only third grade elementary school to investigate and evaluate deals. According to the present time because the physical environment of schools and education levels to do answers to the questionnaire and the lack of other confounding factors such as physical changes in the educational level is in the best condition assessment. However, a detailed study of this important process will be discussed.


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