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:: P.H. D. Thesis ::


 Mr Mohammad Sadegh Tahertolo will present his P.H.D thesis on " Decoding of Seismic Stability Model of Iranian Brick Historic Buildings (Compared with the Existing Seismic Design Codes for Unreinforced Brick Buildings, by Physical Form and Geometrical Proportions) "at 14 P.M on 4 may 2011 under the guidance of Dr.Asghar Mohammadmoradi,Dr.Seyed Bagher Hosseini.



  Defect or breach existence in preparation the goals, protection, maintain, strengthen and restoration of Iranian brick historic buildings; is the index of performance failure in maintaining the authenticity of Iranian valuable architectural heritage through a structural interventions. This lack of integration operating essential is considered of incompatible buildings components i.e.; physical form, function, concept and technology. Therefore inefficient, some unnecessary and destructive interference in the process of retrofitting, lack of codified rules, lack of awareness and lack of appropriate design patterns for efficient preservation and seismic retrofitting of Iranian historical structures would be important. This research seeks to discover a consistent model with the seismic stability of these buildings against earthquake hazards that have limited on Iran plateau. For this purpose, in this research the geometric properties and physical stability of Iranian stable brick historic building are studied in earthquake prone regions of medium and high relative earthquake acceleration. Evaluating the overall quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Iranian sustainable brick historic buildings and determine the status of seismic origin of place, the physical dimensions of width, length, height and calculation percent levels of relative geometric proportions, i.e., relative wall; the raw data of research are obtained. In evaluation of engineering assessment also the 2800 Iran earthquake code, charters and international valid codes as; FEMA, CHBC, ISCARSAH, ICOMOS, ICCOROM, have been considered. With the SPSS software, reliability and validity assessment of Research data was performed. Evaluation and survey analysis of data obtained from quantity measurements; by factor analysis among components of those buildings and dimensions analysis of correlation between factors was performed. Path analysis and discovery of the structure and the interactive process conducted by structural equation modeling i.e., SEM with Amos modeling software as the model of seismic stability was obtained. Therefore, structural equation model to explain the final factors affecting i.e.: affecting factors seismic damage potential as the independent variable, Possible effects of seismic resistance of directly factor as a dependent variable and seismic resistance mediated indirect factor as mediating variable; evaluating of the fitness measure in direct and indirect relations between those factors was performed. Model of seismic stability of Iranian brick historic building with sufficient percent of confidence and fitness were determined. This research could be considered to develop the criteria of codes assessment, seismic design, seismic retrofitting and structural interventions in Iranian brick historic buildings.

  Keywords :

  Iranian Brick Historic Buildings, Seismic Stability Model, Factor Analysis, Structural Equations, Retrofitting and restoration


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