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:: Urban Group ::


  Urban Group

  Urban group of Elm O Sanat university of Iran

  The beginning of urban group activites of Elmo Sanat university coincides with forming architectural,civil and decoration engineering.this part began its activity at university in year 1347.at that time university worked as school of art.on the late decade of 1340,its name changed to Elmo Sanat college of Iran and promoted to Elmo Sanat University of Iran in year 1357.

  after dividing the mentioned part into Civil engineering and Architecture engineering ,Urban group developed its activity in the field of teaching urban lessons for architecture B.S majors.most architecture graduated from architecture and urban college had spent at least 10 credits in urban fields.

  After Islamic revolution and reopening the universities ,urban group escalate its activity and tried to train B.S architectural students with related lessons in urban fields.

  Also,by completing and employing new members of scientifical boards equipped more than before.

  From before of Islamic revolution since now urban group has worked as one of the independent educational groups of architecture and urban college.

  This group started MSc in Urban planning,urban regions,urban designing in year 1377-78 ,in addition this group tries to teaching Urban lessons for architecture major in a wide range and tries to train MSc future urban specialist .

  From the year 1377 ,which means the first course of accepting Urban students till Aban 1387 ,102 students for urban design,192 students for urban planning have accepted(they are 296 students in all) and from this number 40 urban design students and 121 urban planning students have been graduated.(they are 161 students in all)

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