computer center

  Architecture and Urban Computer Site


  Architecture and Urban computer site was established in 1371. Total area of this site is 147 square conclude :

  1- Site main saloon for student’s scientific and research’s area is about 85 square meter.

  2- Classroom for computer classes .it’s area is about 30 square meter

  3- Interior supervisor room and college server .it’s area is about 15 square meter.

  Personnel’s name,education and records

Name                                 position                 education                            records

Nasser koleini Mamaghani     manager     ph.D of industrial design                                scientifical boards  member   ofarchitectural and urban college  for 4 yrs

  (educational group of industrial design)

 Zohreh Karimi          interior supervisor      computer engineer (software)                                           6 yrs job experience in  softwareHardware and network  


Numbers and kinds of hardwares

  Computer center has 27 computers.all of systems are Pentium 4.


  Numbers and kinds of softwares

  Software bank of computer center has 15 softwares.

  General softwares are :

  1- Winzip & winrar

  2- Office 2003 & 2007

  3- Acrobatreader8

  4- PdfFactory

  5- GoogleEarth

  6- Babylon

  7- narsis


  Technical softwares are :

  1- solidworks

  2- dmax 3

  3- autocad2007

  4- spss13

  5- photoshop

  6- skatch up

  7- Ecotect.v5.50.MERRY.XMAS-ENGiNE

  8- AV_GIS30

  9- CORELX3

  10- Macromedia freehand 11



  Generally users of computer center are college students.we must say thet there are users from other colleges and they treat according to approved standards.



  Solving software,hardware and network problems is one of responsibilities of computer center.


  Work time

  8:00 am till 12:00 pm

  1:00 pm till 5:30 pm

  They accept users on mentioned time Except for holidays. (Picture Album)

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