Mofidi,Seyed Majid



 Full Name: Mofidi,Seyed Majid

 Position: Assistant Professor

Birth: July 1st 1957, Tehran / Iran

  Nationality: Iranian 

 Phone: Univ. Tel #: (+98 21) 7391 3229 & 7724 0467

 Fax: 98-21-77240468

  Email:S_m_mofidi AT

  Address:  Farjam Ave., Narmak, Tehran, Iran, 16846-13114


  1994 - 1998 Univ. of Sheffield / UK Ph.D.

  1982 - 1986 Univ. of Colorado – Denver / USA M.S. in Urban Design

  1984 - 1985 Univ. of Colorado – Denver / USA M.S. in Energy- Arch.

  1977 - 1982 Lawrence Univ. of Tech. / USA B.S. in Arch.

  Theses Title

  Ph.D. : "Climatic Urban Design"; A Sustainable Strategy and Energy-Conscious Recommendations Extracted Mainly from the Context of Morphological Aspects of Urban Centre Evolution

  M.S. in U.D. : "The Town"; Rebirth of Climatic and Cultural Iranian Town

  M.S. in Energy- Arch. : "Physical Aspects of Energy-Oriented Urban Design"; in Hot-Arid Regions of Developing Countries

  Present Occupation

 Assistant Professor ( 21 th Level), FT faculty member, School of Architecture & Urban Studies, in IUST (since May 1986)

  Present Positions

  Member of Official Faculty & Scientific Committee (since May 1986)

  Head of Department of Sustainable Architecture, (since Sept. 2003)

  Principal of Energy & Architecture Research Lab (EARL) , (since Jan.2003)

  Past Positions

  Deputy Dean for Architecture Student Affairs (Sept 2002 – May 2004)

  Head of Architecture Computer Centre (Dec. 1998 – May 2004)

  Architecture International Relation Coordinator (1999 – May 2004)

  Principal of Continuing Architecture Education (1998 –2001)

  Principal of Architecture Link with Industry (1997 –2000)

  Additional Professional Experience and Activities

  Have published total of 97 papers, in international 21/ UK(7), Greece(3), Australia(3), Bahrain(1), India(1), Indonesia(1), Libya(3), Romania(1), USA(1)} and domestic conferences and congresses (37), Periodicals (39).

  Have given 40 lectures in internal or external professional gatherings and Seminars (Excluding the above paper presentations).

  Have chaired the panel and participated as Scientific Committee for 34 conferences, seminars or gatherings.

  Have obtained 38 prize, medalum, trophies and awards in conferences and scientific communities.

  Have evaluated and judged design projects for several competitions, and 100s of papers for many periodicals and books.

  Have taught different courses in Ph.D. (9Cr), MS. (15Cr) and BS. (23Cr) level in Persian or English in many universities and institutions.

  Have supervised 12 Ph.D., 89 MS. and 11 BS. theses so far, and at the moment is supervising 9 Ph.D., 19 MS.theses.

  Have advised 9 Ph.D., 57 MS. theses and is advising 19 theses.

  Have finished 7 contract researches.

  Have established his practice since 1987, and have designed, surveyed and constructed more than three dozen buildings, mostly energy-conscious, and environmentally friendly buildings

  Worked as chief urban designer & architect in AHEC (USA), & design team leader of Long -Term Master Plan of UCD, & in design team of several buildings in the same university (1983 -1986)

  Have taught in USA & UK for 2½ yrs, & assistant to director of Energy/Arch. Program.

  T.A. of several courses in LUT & UCD for 6 terms (1981-1985)

  Worked as freelance interior architect, architectural photographer & graphist in USA for about 3 yrs. (1979-1982)

  Professional Memberships

 Member of Iranian Architectural Society, & Registered as Certified

  Senior Architect/ since 1986

  Member of Iranian Urban Design & Planning Society, & Registered as Certified Urban Designer/ since 1986

  Member of Urbanism Institute / since 1998

  Member of Iranian Solar Energy Society (IRSES) / since 1999

  Member of International Association for Humane Habitat (ICHH) / since 2003

  Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training/ New South Wales Technical & Further Education Commission Australia/ Aug 2006

  Private Occupational Credential for Community Colleges and Occupational Education ‍ Colorado State Board/ Colorado-USA

  Academic and Awards received

  Have obtained more than 21 awards in different conferences

  Have Given 16 interviews on the related professional fields

  Ph.D. and Ms. Student Representative and the Chief Editor for PGNews monthly newspaper/ University of Sheffield, UK/ 1994-1997

  After winning a national competition (7 out of 136) in 1990, obtained a Full-scholarship to study Ph.D. in the UK, which started in Oct. 1993

  Nominated by students for "Excellence in Design", and selected as Honor Award for "Excellence in Urban Design" at UCD in 1983

  A Member of Student Board and representative of Urban Design Division at University of Colorado at Denver in 1983

  As urban design team leader, designed "The Detroit's CBD Redevelopment" project, under the supervision of Edmund Bacon, and judged by professional jury of Detroit Urban Planning Department, and was selected as the Best Design for the city's problem in 1981

  Urban Theory and Planning two term projects, was judged and selected from 90 entries to be exhibited at the yearly "Open House" at the LUT in 1981, also published in the Alumni Periodical

  His project was selected to be exhibited at the Detroit Chapter of the AlA at the Art and Photo Competition & Show in 1979

  Honorary recognition by having his achievements published in the 1978 National Dean's List – USA


 Fluent in English and Persian


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