center of Excellence of paverment managment system transportation and system- Execution Plan
Execution Plan

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Methods for executing aims of the center include:

1. Equipping and developing software and hardware research laboratories regarding the centre of excellence
2. Creating purpose for student projects during undergraduate and graduate years, and research projects in line with related research
3. Connecting with executive sections, ministries, and institutions for assessing and identifying their problems
4. Launching the internet website of the centre of excellence to introduce its scientific and research capabilities to researchers and national industries and research centers
5. Training undergraduate and graduate students and researchers
6. Creating and expanding mutual and national cooperation with active researchers in the universities, and research industrial centers
7. Creating and expanding local and national cooperation across areas of expertise with centers of excellence.
8. Publishing results obtained from research for use by the professors, students, researchers, and experts
9. Publishing scientific articles in international journals
10. Participating in specialized national and international conferences for purposes of introducing the scientific achievements of the center of excellence.
11. Explaining short-term specialized training goals for promoting expert knowledge in line with the center of excellence.
12. Holding lectures presented by the center’s main or guest speakers and researchers
13. Establishing national or local conferences in line with the goals of the centre of excellence
14. Defining and executing applied research projects on in demand topics
15. Providing consultation for executive sections in expertise topics
16. Introducing and analyzing new and innovative technology in topics related to the centre of excellence
17. Publishing related scientific-research journals
18. Managing the centre of excellence website

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