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NAME: Seyed Mohammad Ali

SURNAME: Boutorabi


Fields of Research Interests:

Casting, Running Systems in Casting, Solidification, Heat Treatment (ADI).


Contact Address

School of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering

Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Narmak, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +9821-7724540-550 , Ext: 2810

Fax: +9821-77240480



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M. T. Safarzadeh, A. Arab, M. A. Boutorabi, "The effects of anodizing condition and post treatment on the growth of nickel nanowites using anodic aluminum oxide", Iranian Journal of Materials Science and Engineering, 2010,7(3)
M. Zandira, S.M.A. Boutorabi ," Fracture characteristics of austempered shperoidal graphite aluminum cast irons", Journal of Iron & steel research international , 17 (2010) 31-35.
Mostafavi, S.M.A. Boutorabi, " As cast acicular ductile aluminum cast iron",  Journal of Iron and Steel Research, International، 16 (2009)23-28.
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F. Bahreinian, S.M.A. Boutorabi, J. Campbell, “Critical gate velocity for magnesium casting alloy”, Int. J. of cast metals research, No. 1, 2006.

S.M.Miresmaeili, J. Campbell, S.G.Shabestari, S.M.A.Boutorabi, “Precipitation of Sr-Rich intermetallic particles and their influence on pore formation in Sr-modified A356 alloy”, Metallurgical & Materials trans actions A, No. 36A, 2005, pp. 2341-2349.

S.Shabestari, S.M.Miresmaeili, S.M.A.Boutorabi, “Effect of Sr-modification and melt cleanliness on melt hydrogen absorption of 319 aluminium alloy”, J . of material science, 2003, pp. 1901-1907.

S.M. Miresmaeli, S. Shabestari, S.M. A. Boutorabi, “The effect of SR-Modification treatment on porosity formation of reduced pressure 319 Al alloy castings”, Canadian metallurgical Quarterly, 2003.

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