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Vision, Mission, Value

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  Vision, Mission, Value

  The Cement Research Center's objective is to activate the country’s scientific and executive potentials toward innovative and sustainable developments in material and process technologies of the cement industry.


  This center is on a mission to provide opportunities for the country's cement industry, and provide world innovative experiences to promote responsible use of technology for facilitating the achievement of the country's objectives in the cement industry. Through assembling a community of scientists, students, and experienced experts from cement and concrete industries in a unique and understanding environment, we can help identify the research and training requirements of the cement industry, and design and execute suitable programs for providing and developing the required technologies.


  This center holds strong to its values, which promote developing an understanding in research and training collaborations with the cement industry along with a maximum utilization of scientific and executive potentials of both university and industry, to provide responsible research services, and pass them on to the industry.


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