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  Contacting IUST Professors

    Everyone around us has a role in our growth and education. A father, mother, teacher, professor, and other play some role in our education, even if they hold different views regarding teaching. However, because we believe that university professors play an exceptionally important role in developing a student's psychological health, we decided to take the necessary initiatives to create mutual understanding between professors and students.

  Objectives of this plan:

  1- To increase professor awareness towards psychological health through brochures and workshops

  2- To develop professor-students interaction

  3- To provide professional consultation for professors

  4- To create dynamics through competitions and recreational camping trips

  5- Encourage professors to cooperate with the consulting center

  6- Transmit important issues to students through professors


  Listed below are the considered strategies for this plan:

  1-Hold meetings for professors and students

  2-Introduce the consulting center's services for professors

  3-Record lectures directed towards students or professors

  4-Offer in office, telephone, and online consulting for professors.

  5-Offer self-awareness tests and evaluations

  6- Refer professors and students to the proper help sites

  7-Obtain professor opinions periodically

  8- Request professor participation in student activities

  The consulting center highly recommends students to engage with the Student-Professor unit at the consulting center. Student confidentiality is one of our highest concerns, and we will do our best to create a welcoming environment for the university community.


Contacting IUST Professors Unit
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