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Communication with the School of Mathematics, Iran University of Science and Technology

School phone number:  (+9821) 73225400-1  
School Fax: (+9821) 77240302  
School E_mail: math [AT] 
Address: School of Mathematics, University of Science and Technology of Iran, University St., Hengam St., Resalat Square, Tehran, Iran.  
Postal Code: 1684613114



Telephone directory of the School of Mathematics
Presidency Faculty
Dean of the School (Dr. Mehdi Alaeiyan) 73225401 Pure Mathematics Educational Group
Head of the office (Ms. Sharare Khan Alizadeh) 73225400-73225401 Dr. Mehdi Alaeiyan 73225420
Vice President of Education and Graduate Studies (Dr. Jalil Rashidinia) 73225403 Dr. Masoud Hadian 73225469
Assistant Researcher (Dr. Samaneh Mashhadhi) 73225463 Dr. Asdadollah Aghajani  73225491
Department of Education and Postgraduate Education     Dr. Mohammad Bagher Ghaemi 73225412
Managers of the educational group     Dr. Akbar Dehghan Nejad 73225406
Head of the Department of Educational Affairs (Dr. Mahboube Molavi Arabshahi) 73225464 Dr. Mehdi Najafikhah 73225426
Director of the Pure Group (Dr. Somayeh Saidinejad) 73225404 Dr. Reza Saadati 73225421
Director of Applied Group (Dr. Toraj Nik Azad) 73225409 Dr. Zohreh Mostaghim 73225425
Director of Computer Science Department (Dr. Javad Vahidi) 73225424 Dr. Samaneh Mashhadhi 73225463
Cultural Director (Dr. Javad Vahidi) 73225424 Dr. Somayeh Saidinejad 73225404
College education     Applied Mathematics Educational Group
Expert in charge of education (Ms. Sara Kaviani) 73225410 Dr. Rahman Farnoosh 73225427
graduate education expert (Mr. Mohammad Jafarpourian) 73225405 Dr. Jalil Rashidinia 73225487
General courses expert (Mr. Mohsen Chamani) 73225417 Dr. Toraj Nikazad  73225409
Assistant research field     Dr. Seyedah Mahboubeh Molavi Arabshahi 73225464
Research expert (Ms. Shabnam Taleh) 73225408 Dr. Reza Ahmadi 73225493
Laboratory expert and website manager (Ms. Elga Ghazarian) 73225492 Dr. Morteza Garshasbi 73225497
Financial field     Educational Department of Computer Science
Storekeeper (Mr. Mohsen Chamani) 73225417 Dr. Mehdi Alaeiyan 73225420
Financial officer of the School of Mathematics (Ms. Hajer Bakhtiari) 73225422 Dr. Jalil Rashidinia 73225487
Dr. Rahman Farnoosh 73225427
Dr. Mehdi Nadjafikhah 73225426
Dr. Javad Vahidi 73225424
Dr. Seyedah Mahboubeh Maulvi Arabshahi 73225464

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