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 | Post date: 2020/03/9 | 

Assistant Professor

Faculty: School of Automotive Engineering

Department: Electronics and Electrical Department

Email: mollajafari (AT)

Tel: +98 21 77240540 Ext. 3958

Fax: +98 21 73021490

Google Scholar:

Education and qualifications

•  Ph.D. in Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Tehran, Iran

•  M.Sc. in Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Tehran, Iran

• B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology (K.N.T.U), Tehran, Iran


- Connected Cars,

- Intelligent Vehicles,

- Automotive Systems Optimization,

- Evolutionary Algorithms,

Journal Papers
[J13M. Mollajafari, M.H. Shojaeefard, "TC3PoP: a time-cost compromised workflow scheduling heuristic customized for cloud environments," Cluster Computing, Springer, 2021.

[J12] S.M. Mohtavipour, M. Mollajafari, “An Analytically-Derived Reference Signal to Guarantee Safety and Comfort in Adaptive Cruise Control Systems,”, Journal of Intelligent Transpiration Systems; Technology, Planning and Operations, Taylor & Francis, Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 1-20, 2021.

[J11] S. Nazemi, M. Masih-Tehrani, M. Mollajafari, "GA Tuned H Infinity Roll Acceleration Controller Based on Series Active Variable Geometry Suspension on Rough Roads," International Journal of Vehicle Performance, 2021.

[J10] M.H. Shojaeifard, M. Mollajafari, M. Masih-Tehrani, S.Tayebi, "A review on various control functions in adaptive cruise control systems," Journal of Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vol. 135, pp. 56-64, 2021.

[J9] M.H. Shojaeifard, M. Mollajafari, M. Talebi Liasi, "A review on intelligent intersection management methods," Journal of Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vol. 135, pp. 44-55, 2021.

[J8] M.H. Shojaeifard, M. Mollajafari, H.R. Mousavitabar, "A review on routing methods based on computational intelligence," Journal of Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vol. 136, pp. 44-55, 2021.

[J7] S.M. Mohtavipour, M. Mollajafari, A. Naseri, "A guaranteed-comfort and safe adaptive cruise control by considering driver’s acceptance level", International Journal of Dynamics and Control, Springer, Vol. 7, No. 3, pp. 966-980, 2019.

[J6] S.M. Mohtavipour, M. Mollajafari, A. Naseri, "A Novel Packet Exchanging Strategy For Preventing Hol-Blocking In Fat-Trees," Journal of Cluster Computing, Springer, 2019.

[J5] P. Gholizadeh, H.S. Shahhoseini, M. Mollajafari, “Hyper-chaotic Feeded GA (HFGA): A Reversible Optimization Technique for Robust and Sensitive Image Encryption,” Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer, Vol. 77, No. 16, pp. 20385-20414, 2018.

[J4M. Mollajafari, H. S. Shahhoseini, “An efficient ACO-based algorithm for scheduling tasks onto dynamically reconfigurable hardware using TSP-likened construction graph,” Journal of Applied Intelligence, Springer, Vol. 45, No. 3, pp. 695-712, 2016.

[J3M. Mollajafari, H. S. Shahhoseini, “A Cost-Optimized GA-Based Heuristic for Scheduling Time-Constrained Workflow Applications in Infrastructure Clouds Using an Innovative Feasibility-Assured Decoding Mechanism,” Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 32, No. 6, pp. 1541-1560, 2016.

[J2] H. S. Shahhoseini, E. Saleh, M. Mollajafari, “Non-Flat Surface Level Pyramid: A High Connectivity Multidimensional Interconnection Network”, Journal of Supercomputing; High-Performance Computer Design, Analysis, and UseSpringer, Vol. 67, No. 1, pp. 31-46, 2013.

[J1M. Mollajafari, H. S. Shahhoseini, “A Repair-less Genetic Algorithm for Scheduling Tasks onto Dynamically Reconfigurable Hardware,” International Review on Computer and Software (I.RE.CO.S), Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 206-212, 2011.
Conference Papers
[C9] M.H. Shojaeefard, M. Mollajafari, S.H.R. Mousavitabar, "Heterogeneous transport fleet routing with time windows," Automotive Industries Recent Advances and Future Trends, 2020.

[C8] M.H. Shojaeefard, M. Mollajafari, M.T. Liasi, "A clustering method for vehicle routing network by using adaptive neural fuzzy model," Automotive Industries Recent Advances and Future Trends, 2020.

[C7] M. Kamali, M. Mollajafari, "Production line of brushed DC motor with for automotive applications," Automotive Industries Recent Advances and Future Trends, 2020.

[C6] M. Mollajafari, S.N. Yahyavi, "Augmented reality (AR) -based mobile applications for elementary school," Fifth National Conference on Advanced Studies in Iranian Curriculum, 2019.

[C5M. Mollajafari, M.A. Shokouhi, "Oak: AR Educational Mobile Apps for Elementary School Students," International V.Turkcess Education and Social Sciences Congress, Istanbul, 27-29 June 2019.

[C4] P. Golizadeh, H.S. Shahhoseini, M. Mollajafari, “Gene-Labeling: A Novel GA-Based Technique for Robust and Sensitive Image Encryption,” 2017 25th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE).

[C3] M. Mollajafari, H.S. Shahhoseini, “Bubble-bursting: A Cost-Optimized Time-constrained Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Infrastructure with Resource Provisioning,” 21th Conference of Computer Society of Iran, 2015.

[C2M. Mollajafari, H.S. Shahhoseini, “Low-Complexity Time-Cost Compromised Scheduling of Workflow Applications in Infrastructure Clouds,” in Proceedings of the International Conference on Network of the Future, Montreal, Canada, 2015.

[C1M. Mollajafari, H.S. Shahhoseini, “Improving Execution Time of Scheduling Tasks onto Dynamically Reconfigurable Hardware Using Accelerated SA,” IEEE International Conference on Computer and Network Technology (ICCNT), pp. 13-28, 2011.
[B6] H.S. Shahhoseini, S.M.R. Mousavi, M. Mollajafari, Evolutionary Algorithms; Principals, Applications and Implementation, Iran University of Science and Technology Publications, First Edition 2012, Second Edition 2017.

[B5] H.S. Shahhoseini, A.A. Ansari, M. Mollajafari, Information Technology and Basic Concepts of Information Society, Iran University of Science and Technology Publications, 2012.

[B4] H.S. Shahhoseini, A.H. Mohebali, M. Mollajafari, The Development of Information and Communication Technology at a Glance, Farhangian Publications, 2013.

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[B2] H.S. Shahhoseini, A.H. Mohebali, M. Mollajafari, S. Chapnevis, A Guide to the Collection of Administrative Data on ICT, Farhangian Publications, 2013. 

[B1M. Mollajafari, A. Shokouhi, Modern Educational Technologies; A Review of its Usage in Schools Around the World, Farhangian Publications, 2018. 

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School of Automotive Engineering

School of Automotive Engineering is the first Automotive Engineering school in the Middle East.

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